Payton Talbott (5-0) Vs Reyes Cortez (7-2)

First off let me just say I am very excited for the return of Contender Series.

Payton Talbott has a lot of hype around him being undefeated with a remarkable 100% finish rate. His last 3 fights have been in Urijah Faber’s A1 combat promotion.

He has drawn numerous comparisons to Sean O’Malley due to his exceptional striking skills and similar physical attributes.

Reyes Cortez fought on the contender series in 2021 losing to Christian Rodriguez, who now holds a UFC record of 2-1.

It’s worth noting that neither competitor has ever been stopped.

Talbott has demonstrated his ability to maintain power even as a fight progresses, displaying his lack of fear when it comes to engaging in a dog fight.

Cortez has a well rounded game and will probably look to mix in some takedowns and control time to win the fight.

I believe Talbott has the striking edge and will find the chin of Cortez to finish him and keep his 100% finish rate.

Pick: Payton Talbott ML (-145)

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