Robbie Ring (6-0) Vs Luis Pajuelo (7-1)

Presenting an enticing matchup, we have Robbie Ring (USA), who boasts an unblemished record in both his pro and amateur career, pitted against Luis Pajuelo (Peru), who carries a single loss in his pro journey and another in his amateur days.

Both of Luis Pajelo’s losses were split decisions, so an argument can be made that they are both undefeated.

It’s worth noting that both their competition history raises some questions.

At 23 years old, Robbie Ring stands as the younger contender, while Luis Pajuelo, at 28, brings a touch of experience to the table.

Luis has demonstrated commendable resilience and forward pressure, making it clear that he won’t retreat from a challenging battle.

On the other hand, Robbie excels in wrestling and displays superior defensive skills, offering him a strategic advantage.

As the odds for this matchup remain closely contested, I’m inclined to embrace the underdog. I hold the view that Robbie, while promising, may still lack the seasoning that comes with experience.

This leads me to lean towards the more mature and battle-tested fighter.

Pick: Luis Pajuelo ML (+135)

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