Larissa Pacheco (22-4) Vs Marina Mokhnatkina (11-3)

Pacheco aims to secure a two-division championship against Russian Sambo champion Mokhnatkina.

While Pacheco is rightfully the favorite, the odds seem disproportionately skewed in her favor.

A proven finisher, Pacheco boasts a considerable size advantage in this matchup.

It’s crucial to note that Pacheco has experienced three career finishes—twice by strikes and once by submission.

On the other hand, Mokhnatkina has never been finished, with all three of her losses coming via decision.

Pacheco will certainly have the edge on the feet but Mohknatkina will have the edge on the mat.

Notably, most of Pacheco’s finishes have occurred in the first round.

If Mokhnatkina can survive the first round, I like her chances to take over this fight and win via submission or decision.

Although confidence in this pick is not extremely high, the value is on the underdog, prompting a small wager.

Pick: Marina Mokhnatkina ML (+604)

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